Sultanahmet Mosque (Sultanahmet Cami)

The Sultanahmet Mosque is another notable religious building on the surface of Istanbul that is considered to be an inevitable part of the Istanbul heritage. It is also known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue color of the tiles of its interior walls. Constructed during the 17th century, the Sultanahmet Mosque is still used as a mosque where visitors will find some of the best examples of the historical and religious development of Istanbul.

The architecture of the Sultanahmet Mosque is a great combination between the Ottoman and the Byzantine periods and nowadays it draws the interest of thousands of tourists from all over the world coming to enjoy its design. The Sulatnahmet Mosque is also considered to be the last mosque in Istanbul that belongs to the classical period.

The Blue Mosque was one of the best achievements in terms of architectural design and relics. Paying a visit to it, you will definitely experience the unique spirit of the former empire with its majesty and magnificence. Probably your travel to Istanbul will be incomplete if you miss the Sultanahmet Mosque.

The mosque is opened daily from 9am - 6pm except during prayer times (about 30 min. five times a day) and midday on Fridays.

There is no entrance free as donations are always accepted.

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