OTTOMAN RELICS (Half Day Afternoon)

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Discover the rich heritage of the Ottoman Empire with us! Take the advantage to visit to some of its notable relics such as the Topkapi Palace and the Rustem Pasa Mosque. Only in this Ottoman Relics city tour, the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire will reveal in front of you!

Price: EUR 34.-/per person

Discovering the unique heritage of the Ottoman Empire will probably be your experience of a lifetime! Enjoy your visit to the impressive Topkapi Palace - the official and primary residence in the city of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years! Don't miss to pay a visit to the the architectural masterpiece Rustem Pasa Mosque - designed and built by the Ottoman chief architect Sinan! Feel the religious spirit of the former empire by visiting this unique mosque!

Tour Itinerary

TOPKAPI PALACE, , residence of Ottoman Sultans exhibiting imperial treasury, sacred Islamic relics, kitchen, Chinese porcelain, weapons, calligraphy section etc. (Harem is not included in the program and visit it due to an extra entrance fee)

RSTEM PASA MOSQUE,, designed by the court architect Sinan for the Grand Vizier of Suleyman The Magnificent. A typical sample of Islamic architecture amidst the rows of shops near the Spice Bazaar, famed with its exquisite and colorful tiles set in floral and geometric designs.

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