Camlica Hill (Camlica Tepesi)

Explore the best of Istanbul by paying a visit to the Camlica Hill. Istanbul is a city known for its seven hills as the Camlica Hill is the tallest one. Camlica Hill is placed in the notable Uskudar area and will definitely impress you with its unique surroundings and nature. The hill is also popular with its unique sunsets that cannot be seen anywhere in the metropolitan city.

The Camlica Hill was known from the Ottoman period when the sultans turned it into a preferred place to visit. The Camlica Hill itself is divided into two separate parts - the Buyuk and the Kucuk Kamlica. No matter which part you visit, you will experience its nice and calm atmosphere. What's more a magnificent view over the Bosphorus reveals from the hill.

Nowadays the Camlica Hill is still a popular and preferred place to visit not only by tourists but also by locals. There are many cafes and nice restaurants where you can taste some of the best traditional specialties while admiring the unique beauty. You can also just relax and meet some friends. If you want to escape from your boring daily routine, then the Camlica Hill is the ideal place for you. It is also mentioned in some of the best Turkish poems and songs because of its extraordinary beauty, especially at sunset.

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